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Miss Dotty

Miss Dotty’s Specs draws on a selection of parables – The Prodigal Son, The Mustard Seed, The Good Samaritan & The Pearl of Great Worth – bringing them to life in a fresh way.  Designed to be performed in a café style setting it is a great for church outreach events, holiday clubs, weekends away, youth groups and for bringing groups of all ages together.  Miss Dotty’s Specs has been touring to church halls, community centres and festivals since spring 2012.  If you’d like to make a booking please contact us.


Performance and free same-day workshop  £220 + expenses

Holiday club (four sessions, including the play and three interactive workshops that explore the themes of God and Story, My Story, and the Story of the Prodigal Son)   £450

Weekend Away:   One day plus expenses  £250   Two days plus expenses   £400

Also available:  Workshops for adults around themes of creativity, narrative and worldviews.  From £100 / session.

“Entrancing.  Holds the attention of a wide age range.”

Rev. Tony Bundock, Rector of Leeds
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